Greatest Pianists of the 20th Century

It all comes down to a matter of opinion, but weather you are a musician or a listener, everyone who enjoys classical music has a list of their favorite pianists. Here are my top 3


Glen Gould (1932-1982) : Glen Gould is a Canadian pianist who is best known for his Bach interpretations. He was best known for his for his eccentricities and choosing to record in a studio rather than live concerts.






Arthur Rubinstein (1887 – 1982) : Art Rubinstein was born in Poland and began playing the piano at 3 years old and had his first public performance when he was 7. He is regarded by many as the greatest Chopin interpreter of the 20th century.







Clara Haskil (1895-1960) : Clara Haskil, a renowned Romanian pianist is known for her interpretations of Mozart. Unfortunately, frequent illnesses, combined with extreme stage fright, kept her from critical or financial success.